Munsang College Kindergarten

PROJECT: kindergarten

SCOPE: interior design


The design concept of the design for Munsang Kindergarten is based upon the school motto of Munsang College, which is “Light and Life” and “All For One, One For All.” Since the kindergarten would be the very first space that impressionable young kids will interact with as they make their very first step into community “life”, the major concept of the design is taken from “God’s Creation” which is found in the very beginning of the Bible, the Book of Genesis 1:1-2:3. It starts out with God’s creation of “light” on Day 1 and goes on to the creation of “life” on Day 5 and Day 6. Each day in God’s creation is represented by a type of space articulated with its own unique theme, shapes and colors.

In addition, for Day 6 which is represented by the 2 floors of 7 classrooms each, rainbow colors are chosen to represent God’s grace, peace and harmony. This also falls in line with “All For One, One For All” in the school motto. 7 more pastel colors are used for the lower floor while 7 stronger colors are used for the upper floor.

LOCATION: Kowloon City, Hong Kong

YEAR: 2012