O L I V +

PROJECT: commercial redevelopment

SCOPE: architectural + image design


OLIV is a commercial building within the busiest shopping district of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. It sits on a small urban site of just over 200m2 with a building height of over 100m tall and a floor-to-floor height of 5m high. A number of the floors will be occupied by retail and F&B tenants.

The design is inspired by the olive tree after which the building was named. The floor plate changes slightly on every floor as the building moves upward giving it a twisting and turning profile. The exterior is wrapped with a “triple skin” on the outside, with an interior orthogonal layer of subframe and mullions, a dark grey glass curtain wall layer, and an organic exterior layer of white cladding. This layer contains the “olive tree knots” which turn into radiating “stars” as the signature and logo of OLIV.

LOCATION: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

YEAR: 2010 – 13 (in progress)

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