T X T (THEO TEXTURE) has established ourselves as one of Hong Kong’s most prolific church design firm, offering interior design-and-built services and architectural design service to non-profit organizations such as churches, schools, social enterprises, social welfare organizations, community centers, rehabilitation centers, etc. Since our establishment in 2002, we have completed over 200 of such projects of various size and scale.


T X T works closely with each organization to understand its vision and mission, and to develop a relevant design concept. This is then translated into an architectural experience for those who come in and out of the spaces. T X T understands that cost control is very important to non-profit organizations. With our multitude of experience, we can assist our clients to draw a balance between budget control and good design. In many of our projects, we work with low budgets yet without jeopardizing the quality of the design. T X T believes that taking on turn-key (design-and-built) projects would mean creating more jobs and work opportunities for workers, subcontractors, suppliers, consultants, etc. on various levels. Many of our workers and subcontractors have been working with us for more than 15 years.


THEO CULTURE MINISTRIES (TCM) is a new ministry that THEO TEXTURE has recently started to offer pro bono professional architectural / interior design service primarily to churches and organizations that are financially challenged.
  • to build a new generation of churches primarily in Mainland China
  • to offer pro bono professional architectural / interior design service for churches and organizations that are financially challenged
  • professional services will be offered by a group of international Christian architects, designers, project managers, theologians and pastors from Hong Kong, Taiwan and USA
Professional Services:
  • general architectural / interior design consultation
  • design concept based on the Holy Bible
  • preliminary design scheme including floor plans and 1-2 3D impressions
  • one-time on-site visit as necessary
Required Information:
  • site plan with site boundary, preferably CAD files provided
  • total site area
  • set back requirements from site boundary
  • plot ratio
  • site coverage
  • required landscaping area
  • maximum gross floor area
  • number of floors and height limitations
  • parking requirements
  • spaces, sizes and number of occupants as needed by the church
  • other requirements as imposed by the local authorities
  • on-site photos
  • modification of design scheme may incur charges
  • whether the design is to be used by the church or not, the church is to keep TCM informed
  • if the design is not used by the church, the design and copyright are to be returned to TCM
  • if the design is accepted by the church, the church may enquire with TCM for further design services, or with TCM’s consent, the church may choose to carry the design forward with other local firms or consultants based on the design scheme offered by TCM
Participating Churches / Organizations:
  • Huadu Church
  • Huizhou Church
  • Shenzhen Baishizhou Church
  • Fujian Jinjiang Anhai Church
  • Shisi Xiangzhi Church
  • Rainbow Elderly Home
  • Meet Point Cafe
  • Wenchou Fenglinao Church
  • Fujian Quanzhou Weian Weiyi Church
For enquiries, please email ben@theotexture.com


天奥文化是 THEO TEXTURE 公司最新展开的专业建筑 / 室内设计事工,为有需要的教会及机构提供免费设计服务


▪ 主要为中国大陆建設新一代的教堂
▪ 为一些有需要的教会及机构提供免费的专业建筑 / 室内设计服务
▪ 专业设计服务是由一班香港、台湾及美国的基督徒建筑师、设计师、项目经理、神学家和牧师等组成的国际团队提供


▪ 一般建筑 / 室内设计咨询
▪ 教堂设计都包括有圣经主题的设计概念
▪ 首个方案设计,包括佈局平面图及1-2张3D效果图
▪ 有需要到现场会议或视察一次


▪ 红线地界总图,最好有CAD档案
▪ 总占地面積
▪ 退红线要求
▪ 地積比率
▪ 覆盖率
▪ 绿化比率
▪ 建筑面积限制
▪ 层数及高度限制
▪ 停车位要求
▪ 教堂所有空间面積大小及人数要求
▪ 当地政府的要求
▪ 现场照片


▪ 修改方案或設計深化可能需要额外费用
▪ 设计方案是否采用,教会都有责任与天奥文化保持沟通
▪ 如果教会不采用设计方案,教会需要通知天奥文化,所有设计版权都归于天奥文化
▪ 如果教会采用设计方案,教会可以查询天奥文化进一步的设计服务,或得到天奥文化同意之後,教会可以接触当地设计院进一步深化设计方案及建筑施工等


▪ 广东花都教会
▪ 广东惠州堂
▪ 深圳市基督教白石洲堂
▪ 福建晋江​安海堂
▪ 石狮祥芝基督教会
▪ 普江市彩虹敬老院
▪ 深圳汇点咖啡屋
▪ 温州枫林岙教会
▪ 福建泉州惠安惠邑堂


如有查询,请发送电子邮件至 ben@theotexture.com